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Songs of Intuition and Ignorance

by Sander Roscoe Wolff

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Particle Accelerator by Sander Roscoe Wolff That which has come has gone, this song is sung, this bell has rung. This road we walked has wound its way home, to face this moment naked and alone. In time we move apart again, once touched, ever touching. Drifting to distant climbs, the chill fills our soles, or selves, still. Motionless but ever moving, drawn inexorably away. Sightless eyes gaze, glazed, upon the heavens, the stars strewn across the night sky. Their traces glitter and shine. Your heart and mine are one again, for a moment. The time transcendent, abundant, so all becomes possible. That which we feared has lost its power as the flower of our faded youth produces seeds. The seeds, like stars, are strewn across the night sky. Their traces glitter and shine. They are yours, And mine.
The Boundless Way by Sander Roscoe Wolff Quietly, I see the silver sky. The day erupts into a sea of raging joy in you and me. Billowing, the rolling clouds go by. Horizon's star to guide my way toward the vistas on display. CH: Into the underground Into the UltraSound Out to the boundless way the boundless way Fervently, I pray on bended knee. Begin the journey to the sun, and of the many you're the one. Particles of dust, they dance away. They rush toward the promised land and seek the ground on which we stand. BR: Blues and greens on paper screens paint a vivid tapestry Woven into history
Soft Hair 04:59
Soft Hair (Information Paradox) by Sander Roscoe Wolff 061121 At the edge, soft hair moves with sparks of energy, holding echoes of things past. Sonified oscillations hint at collapsing gravity, silence a singularity. A planetary lens peeks into vastness, into the center, into the gaping, intractable maw that transforms everything into… Above the clouds, tiny specks flick switches and push buttons. On an island, sages scribble runes. All are seeking the one unattainable thing: Certainty. Bliss abounds in streets and towns. Rushing here and there, they do not care that hunger on a universal scale is coming. When it does, we will be remembered as a tiny swirl in the Black Hole's soft hair.
Lost In Trance by Sander Roscoe Wolff I run, into the sun, I go. I stay, pray, go away, don't go. CH Lost in trance, I can taste the singing, ringing. I see, ecstasy, I know. BR Frame by frame, the paintings illustrate joy
The Beacon 05:22
The Beacon by Sander Roscoe Wolff This evening, I wonder if love is a dream beyond expectation, beyond love supreme, a tapestry woven with unbridled joy depicting angelic and heavenly scenes. This morning, we rise and, beholding the dawn, our voices sing sweetly of memories gone. The birth of a day, and the night we destroy. The precious inertia which pushes us on. We gather together to water the will And whisper the passages rightly until The splendor of rites we precisely employ Becoming the beacon that shines on the hill. Come closer, now, listen, and silence your mind. Abandon the burdens we've all left behind. The weight is now lifted, returning to joy, The patterns emerging, and all has aligned.
The Glow of Knowing by Sander Roscoe Wolff The glow of knowing goes beyond the land we see If freedom seeks the canopy of leaves, the trees flee West, into the shadow place where rest is lost, and dreams are gone Where all we have are tears and songs The glimmer of an ancient truth approaches us on feet of light it wipes away the fear and doubt and all that's left is
Endless Skies by Sander Roscoe Wolff They convey the perfect day when thoughts became a crystal clear Waters wander liquid leaves received in hallowed hollow well Longing for the mysteries she drank when words were whispered here Weaving waves of wild wind into a perfect thrumming spell Gather the harvest embrace the trees Kiss the ground collect the leaves Bursts of light behold the sight that rages in her quiet heart Wisdom spills upon the door that opens to the hidden place On the path the singing lingers figuring the way to start Under risen Roman legions 'til at last I see your face Forgotten keys forgotten locks Laughter lights the world ablaze amazed in liminal displays Clang and clatter mindless chatter butterflies with endless eyes Smoke and ash the titans clash but walk away in endless days At the end this moment bends and sends us into endless skies
The Drifting Dreams of Dawn by Sander Roscoe Wolff Love lights a flame that burns bright above our hearts so love alights like feathers of a dove, upon the drifting dreams of dawn. I see a dream where we become completely free. This sight I hold to my brow. I don't know how the melody goes. Just the here and now, now.
Evaporate 04:36
Evaporate by Sander Roscoe Wolff I wish I could cry over milk I've spilled but mother's milk has long been dry. I pity the pour, and the waiting glass. Evaporate my lover's labor. CH The words I wished I'd never said, the words I didn't say, the ghosts of long forgotten dead darkening the day. I wish you were here to hear my excuse. No ear to bend: No lies to fear. I dream of your face, of forgiveness found. With every breath I ache for grace. CH The words I wished I'd never said, the words I didn't say, the ghosts of long forgotten dead darkening the day. BR The words, once living, now are dead. The words I use to pray are ashes in an empty bed: No sleep for me today. Why did my fear prevent me from telling you how I feel Why did I let my shame stop me from trying to heal I now see the lie haunting my fortune, but letting go will let me die. I will not crave those old appetites that lead me to an early grave.
Light Inside 06:25
Light Inside by Sander Roscoe Wolff 070721 The grass is pressed beneath her feet the morning dew dissolves the shining sun until the dusk illuminates her way The way is seen, and on she goes into the bright unknown the shadows of the forest floor delighting in her light Chorus: The meadow is a memory Her passing grieves me so I hold her light inside my heart Where ever I may go The lingering aroma hangs upon the evening air Reminding me that she was here and is no longer there


Recorded between January and July, 2021, this album was an effort to process my feelings and cope with the isolation and existential terror created by the global pandemic. With two exceptions, all the lyrics were written during this period.

It was my intention to craft each song as a unique art object, with it's own distinctive sound and feeling. Also, many of the lyrics were written without any specific intention, or intended meaning. Surprisingly, meanings emerged.

Throughout this whole process, I was loved and supported by my beloved life partner, wife, and friend, Shari Ann Lamb. Petaluma-based artist Kenny Blacklock contributed music (Particle Accelerator) and musical guidance throughout the process. Mike Weber was a constant sounding board, and provided helpful insights just when I needed them. Many others provided kind and generous ears along the way, including Gage Kenady, Pierre Adriaans, Katy Bridges, and Jan Edward Vogels. My sincere thanks extend to these and many other friends who were generous and patient with me, and to Debbie Moritz for directing me to the meadow. Lastly, but not leastly, thanks to Eric Baughn for getting the ball rolling.


released July 26, 2021

All music and words were written and recorded by Sander Roscoe Wolff, except acoustic guitars, tape strings, and piano bass for Particle Accelerator, which were composed and recorded by Kenny Blacklock.


all rights reserved



Sander Roscoe Wolff Long Beach, California

Sander is an experimental music artist who works in a variety of genres, including improvised electronic music, highly composed music, soundtracks, ambient, and rock. He is a member of Toaster Music, and part of Thee Hop-Frog Kollectiv.

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